About me

My name is Vlad (Vladimir) Remezov, also known under the nickname 'FreekNik' in some circles. I’m a Russian enthusiast translator, blogger, writer and just a regular gamer.

I always liked writing, playing games and I also liked both Russian and English languages. That led me to what I basically do now — I translate videogames from English to Russian. Over the years I've come a long way from translating simple articles and news for various Russian fan-sites to making the official Russian-language localisations for indie-games. Despite me being an amateur translator and doing this thing mostly as a hobby, up to this moment I worked with dozens of different developers on a professional level and continue to do so for free thanks to my love and passion to games and languages that I know.

I have a Twitter – @MrFreekNik – where I post things and stuff from time to time, so feel free to follow me there and I could follow you back.

If you wanna contact me for some business or personal issues, just send an e-mail to: mfreeknik@gmail.com